Let's see what I can remember about Tungsten..
My DD had to make a mole, yes a mole for a school project. Parents were encouraged to help and received a paper pattern to construct this mole...WHAT?!?!?! I don't know anything about moles....
Why a MOLE, because the strength of chemicals are measures in moles....Our mole has to represent TUNGSTEN....what is that?!?!?! you know the little wire thing between the two posts in a lightbulb...Yea....that's Tungsten.
So our mole has a light bulb really works!
And did you know that your Pyrex glassware contains Tungsten because it has the highest melting point of any element! So our mole received sunglasses!
You maybe wondering why our mole is wearing a cape....well, Tungsten is used to create Super we have a Super Hero Cape.
If you wondering about the fancy necklace our mole is sporting, it has a two-fold purpose. First it is the chemical symbol and atomic number of Tungsten...and...Tungsen is currently used in jewelry making.

So now you know as much about Tungsten as I do!

Chemistry Lesson over!


ok too cute!!!! Where were you when I was learning science?? Better yet I'm sending mine to you when they have a science project due!