Well "Dad" also know as DH, had been wanting a fish tank for some time. So for Father's Day, the kids and I finally got one for him. Now this is a more complicated gift then you would think...1) how were we going to wrap it? It was a 36 gallon monster. (we kept it in the back of my car) 2) how were we going to get it in the house...tank and stand and all the fishy stuff you need...and then 3) what kind of fish did he want or need. I knew nothing about starting a tank!
Afraid that he would "find" the tank in my car, we decide to give it to him a week early! He was surprised! Good thing we did...there is a lot to setting up a tank to keep it and the fish healthy!
We had gotten him a book also and proceeded to get the tank ready for fish. Then you could not add just any fish....there are certain fish ,starter fish, that can survive the chemical changes a new tank has to cycle through. So...On Father's Day, we gave dad this card, with a "shopping pass" to get his fish for his new tank.....the fish on the card are Red Swordtails, the are Strong enough to survive the cycling of the tank and are the ones DH wanted.....the card shows his tank with fish!


omg!! toooo cute!! why didn't you ever tell me about this!!! Thats toooo sweet and very creative!!! I want to see the real tank!!

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