Masculine! A masculine Thinking of You or Birthday....
YIKES!!!....This is different for me! I LOVE my BLING and ribbon....but of course those were out...What was I going to do?!?! LOL
I finally did put together a masculine bling, no ribbon....instead, I used leather and rope for the ribbon and eyelets for the bling!!! What do you think? Does it work???
I stamped "Make a Wish" on a paper with a wood plank look. The card front bottom is a "blue jean" paper and the top is a distressed stripped paper.

I just added a new site to my list of places I visit called Scrappin'Cricut! She has tons of coupons this is my first visit here, but she said it is a weekly list!! Thought I would share! Here is the link so you can visit Scrappin' Cricut too!

Thank you Jen for letting me know the comment verification was not working correctly! And thank you Jeri for helping me to correct it! And for ALL the great comments you have left!!

This sounds like fun so why not?I visited this blog today and she is hosting a Craft It Forward, which I am now continuing on my blog!How it works:The first five people to respond to this post will get something handmade by me.Please note:There are no guarantees you will like what I make...although I sure hope you do! What I create will be just for you.You'll receive it this year (2009)The item will be a surprise to you and can be ANYTHING handmadeIn return, all you need to do is post this text into your blog, email me the link back to your Craft It Forward post, your snail mail addy and then make 5 things for 5 people.My email address is: Please put CRAFT IT FORWARD in your email to me!

My Daughter LOVES....this saga! So, for her , I joined this swap,I thought she would enjoy receiving the rewards for my, I knew she would love everything! So, I signed up....then I panicked....what in the world was I going to make??? Not a clue....I better read the book!
I did mention I like to craft in various forms....I know there are many for me to try....but one other craft I enjoy is beading, well for me it's making bracelets.....Since there is a bracelet in the story...I wanted to make my version of Bella's Bracelet. This is it....My Dear Daughter says it is great! What a wonderful child!

We had a choice between two themes for the month of August...
"Thinking of You" or "Just a Note"
I decided on "Just a Note"...My Daughter has been in Band and LOVES her music, so I have a few stamps related to music! I also had a "just a note stamp"...and the music note background paper...Perfect, right?!?!?!
I love the Black, White & Red color combination, so I accented my card front with red....I really like how it turned out...I hope everyone in the swap does too!

How Cute are these girls! OMG....I can just hear them now.."Hey Girlfriend"..."You Go Girl!"
LOL....When I saw this stamp, from art Impressions, I knew I just had to make a card for a dear friend of mine. Just so happens...she had a special day coming up! I wanted something Cool, Sassy...and Fun! Colored using the MCPT, layered with blue to pop the image off the background paper...a few pearls to add some bling and I think these girls are just the ticket!

Friendship! That is the theme for July!!! I wanted to do some thing a bit different with the word friendship. Nowadays your Best Friend is known as your "BESTIE" or even your "BFF". So, to be Cool and Trendy....or because I use the term daily...I chose to make a BFF card!
I picked out a flower print paper in bold colors on a white background. I cut the little frames from the Cricut Storybook cartridge in DS and I made a second cut in DS to create the bottom of the card on a coordinating striped paper. A third cut (frame) was made with white card stock, and "BFF" (storybook) was applied to it and then the card. I added sparkle to the black background with stickles...

I was able to participate in a Wish RAK and wanted to send a nice card along! I had seen these cards posted on the Cricut Message board and was intrigued by them...I just knew this would be the perfect type of card to send. My "wisher" likes her colors deep, dark and rich.... and I loved the hint of sparkle in this paper....I found the perfect brads in my you have first and only (so far) Joy Fold Card! By the way, it was loved by my "wisher"!!

June's theme was Thank you! Oh there are so many ways to say Thanks! I started with this pink paper with a brown dot pattern that was faded along the edges...I really like the paper, I paired it with the brown, and picked this blue to keep it the faded edges. My Thank you stamp was punched with a circle because of the swirls in the paper...and I added a sheer pink bow to top it off!

Shoebox Swap Round 3....During this swap, one of the very talented ladies created "badge" of sorts for us. This icon was added to our signature line on the Cricut Message board. One of the items to be placed in the box was a "friendship" card. I decided to use our icon for my my swap partner would always remember the fun we had! My favorite part of making this part was "lacing" the shoe...

Well "Dad" also know as DH, had been wanting a fish tank for some time. So for Father's Day, the kids and I finally got one for him. Now this is a more complicated gift then you would think...1) how were we going to wrap it? It was a 36 gallon monster. (we kept it in the back of my car) 2) how were we going to get it in the house...tank and stand and all the fishy stuff you need...and then 3) what kind of fish did he want or need. I knew nothing about starting a tank!
Afraid that he would "find" the tank in my car, we decide to give it to him a week early! He was surprised! Good thing we did...there is a lot to setting up a tank to keep it and the fish healthy!
We had gotten him a book also and proceeded to get the tank ready for fish. Then you could not add just any fish....there are certain fish ,starter fish, that can survive the chemical changes a new tank has to cycle through. So...On Father's Day, we gave dad this card, with a "shopping pass" to get his fish for his new tank.....the fish on the card are Red Swordtails, the are Strong enough to survive the cycling of the tank and are the ones DH wanted.....the card shows his tank with fish!

Floral was the them for May... I made a couple different color combos for this swap, My DD wanted to pick colors and she inked around the images that I colored with the MCPT. We used glittery paper with a flower print for added sparkle and to follow the theme, The Stamp is a Suzy's Zoo Stamp, called Suzy's Daisy. I can not find the pictures I took, but I was able to get the picture the hostess took.

I love my MIL...She is an amazing, loving, wonderful woman. From the day I met her, she embraced me as one of her own and has made me feel very much a part of her family! She has an extraordinary..slightly wicked...sense of humor...she can make a teenage blush! But she does so in a sophisticated, witty the time they pick up on the underlying meaning...they are blushing...she will just chuckle and walk away...LOL The inside of this cards reads "Today may you know the Love and Joy you bring to our Family. Happy Mother's Day"

I joined this great little swap on the Cricut Message Board. Each month we make a set of 8 Card Front only. They can later be attached to any card base. Our hostess has provided a six month list of themes for us in advance...if you are too busy to participate in a month, just let her know, so she is not expecting ~waiting on your card fronts to arrive! this has been a wonderful drama free swap! Our hostess has been doing a great job...she evens posts pictures of all the card fronts she receives we can all see what we are missing!!!! LOL Check it out.....

This card was sent to cheer someone up...this person had joined in a SWAP, and her partner was unable to complete the swap. Several wonderful ladies came together and completed a "box" for her! I was lucky enough to be able to help fill the box....I made this card to hopefully cheer her up and make her smile.....the inside reads "I am so sorry this happened to you"

What can I say...I Love Bunnies...not the cartoonish~buck-tooth~carrot huggin' Bunnies...Just the really cute full of personality type! This is another Penny Black stamp. A little MCPT on this one and then I flocked the bunny...ummm, that sounds bad...poor bunny....How about, I added flock to the image to give Bun-Bun a soft coat of fur...Yea, that sounds better! LOL

Aren't they adorable! This is a Penny Black stamp, named Daisy Bunnies! I just fell in love with them. I used the MCPT to created these two cards...a little different then the other. their expression is just too which one do you like better.....

Let's see what I can remember about Tungsten..
My DD had to make a mole, yes a mole for a school project. Parents were encouraged to help and received a paper pattern to construct this mole...WHAT?!?!?! I don't know anything about moles....
Why a MOLE, because the strength of chemicals are measures in moles....Our mole has to represent TUNGSTEN....what is that?!?!?! you know the little wire thing between the two posts in a lightbulb...Yea....that's Tungsten.
So our mole has a light bulb really works!
And did you know that your Pyrex glassware contains Tungsten because it has the highest melting point of any element! So our mole received sunglasses!
You maybe wondering why our mole is wearing a cape....well, Tungsten is used to create Super we have a Super Hero Cape.
If you wondering about the fancy necklace our mole is sporting, it has a two-fold purpose. First it is the chemical symbol and atomic number of Tungsten...and...Tungsen is currently used in jewelry making.

So now you know as much about Tungsten as I do!

Chemistry Lesson over!

ooohhhh...I just loved this paper, I had to get it....Now that I had it what was I going to use it for. I actually found a "coloring book: image on the Internet of the is giraffe ...perfect! I colored it with the MCPT, I embossed a piece of green paper with the cuttlebug, and cut it into panels. A little bit of bling and it's done!

This card was made by my DS. He wanted to make a card for his girlfriend....It was a lot of fun watching him discover why I NEED all the supplies I have! (which really isn't that much) When he was finished he said to me "I will never again make fun off all your paper, I now understand why you need it all"....awww the words every crafter longs to hear...they understand!

I wanted to try the Micky Cartridge, so I made a Mickey, Minnie and Daisy....Not to what was I to do with them? Since I actually like how they turned out, they needed a place to "live". So I made a few mini cards with the gals and a regular size card with Mickey...added some stickers to dress them up and VIOLA!...I'm done!

These two cards are made with this beautiful, colored butterfly vellum paper I found. I made a set of six, half with a simple blue flower and half with a simple purple flower. I didn't want to hide too much of the paper, but on the other hand I didn't want the flower to appear to small...and I added some sparkly metallic ribbon to ground the flower. It is simple, but I think it gives your eye a lot to look it TOO simple?

No no!!!! Not Me!!! LOL My daughter's Teacher found out she was expecting twin boys so I made this card to Congratulate her! Cut with the Cricut New Arrival cartridge...twice...LOL

I was so excited to get the cricut Dreams Come True cartridge! This is my take on Ariel dreaming of life out of the water...I added the beads to represent part of her collection of human things...

Oh this is one of the first stamps I ever purchased....Her name is Becky and she is from D.O.T.S.

I think I fell in love with her bunny slippers! When I learned about the MCPT, I stamped several "Becky"s and decided to try my hand at it! She is so sweet and adorable, I ended up making six different ones!

Today I thought it would be good to add some pictures of items I have created.

I love Fall so this card is a favorite of mine! I made it for a challenge on the cricut message board. The challenge is to use the Magic Colored Pencil Technique. For anyone who does not know what this is, you use a combination of color pencils and mineral spirits (gamsol) to color a stamped image. It is actually a lot of fun! For this challenge, everyone receives the same image, and you post your creation on the board. It is very interesting to see how different every one's designs can be! For this challenge I actually created two designs from the image...what do you think?

I have to say, I never thought I would have a blog! It's not that I don't have anything to say...I have been known to speak my's just I have always been on the shy side and I take the opinions of others seriously. So, to put myself out here for the world to see, is well, a little scary!

Why Paper Palace? I work mostly with paper... And ...Because I am a Princess....Aren't we all?!?!? I think it is an attitude thing, but it has stuck with that I am "all grown up" I chose not to be the Queen, I tell my daughter it is because a Princess has all the perks and none of the responsibility. {Insert teenager eye roll here!} We have a lot of fun with it, when my kids were younger, one had gotten in trouble...that is when I received the nickname Princess Vader! LOL I use this as my Geo-Caching name. My Hubby wanted to know why I didn't name my blog Princess Vader...I told him I didn't want to scare people away!

I created this blog so I would have place to share what I create with friends. I enjoy visiting and being inspired by other blogs. One of my goals is to list these wonderful places so those who visit me can hop on over and visit them too!

Thanks for stopping by, I hope you like what you see....and hey, leave me a comment so I can stop by your blog too!

Now I better get back to figuring all this out!

Talk to you later