Yes it's been awhile since I have posted on my blog. I guess you can say life change got in the way. Had to do a lot of readjusting and rearranging of my time and schedule....hopefully I have been able to work this out!

But all has not been lost! Oh No...I have been visiting a lot of my favorites sights, looking and lurking, and trying to be inspired. I have dabbled a little bit, collected a few trinkets, a new "tool" or two to play with....but haven't really had the time or energy to pull it all together, create something wonderful and share it.

I made a promise to myself to allow myself time to be creative. Even if I don't finish a project, I find the time I spend using "the other side of my brain" is very relaxing and refreshing.
Hopefully I will find some inspiring challenges to keep me motivated and creating!

Happy Crafting!


I like to all a touch of color when resolving Christmas card "envelopes".
Is it difficult to add a small "clip art" candy cane or Christmas
Bells or Minature Christmas plant when using labels? Think I will start using labels this year.

Many thanks!

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