Just wanted to share with you a project my daughter and I have been working on...

These started off as clear glass ornaments from the craft store. And with the Magic of "Glitter and Bling" we were able to transform them into these beautiful little keepsakes!

Each one was designed with a particular person in mind, wich made this project so much fun. We out a lot of thought into picking the right colors, adding bling and finding the perfect ribbon!

Hopefully when they are received, everyone will feel that they received a gift that was made especially for them!

Tell me what you think of our project, there is a comment link at the top of the post!


Really beautiful, I would be delighted to receive anyone of them. Trish:)

AWWWW! These are SOOOOOO cute! i lvoe them! and i agree i would love to have any of them. :)